1. What is the product for sale, hotel Rooms or Villas?

Villa-Residences that form a hotel with flexible personal use arrangements and all under a single (central) management entity.

2. How do I purchase a property at One Bequia?


The first step is to get in touch with our sales concierge team who will guide you through the entire process and explain everything in detail. Arrange a zoom call here.

(Purchase process infographic here)

3. How can units be reserved?

On completion of a Property Reservation Agreement and payment of a [refundable] US$10,000 Reservation Fee.

4. What additional purchase costs should be expected?

Here is a breakdown of associated purchase costs including stamp duty, legal fees as well as miscellaneous fees.

Stamp Duty- 5% of the land purchase price

Land Holding License Tax- 7% of the land purchase price

Land Holding License Application Fee: US $1000

Land Holding License Legal fees: US $1500

Conveyance Deed Legal Fees: 1.5%

Deed Registration Fee: US $2500-US $6000 (Based on the purchase price of the villa you purchase)

Miscellaneous: US $500

*All taxes and government fees to be paid in Eastern Caribbean Dollars. Figures converted to USD for estimate purposes.

6. Why should I buy a villa at One Bequia

  • Modern, Eco-friendly, fully automated residences that give you 24/7 control of your residence from anywhere in the world.
  • Full access to the Cliff Clubhouse and amenities to enjoy and share with guests
  • Year round tropical climate so that no matter when you visit you can enjoy the sea, sun and sand
  • Regular events throughout the year including our very own film festival.

Surrounded by like minded people who want to live in a development of the future.

Financial Benefits

  • No Tax On Global Income
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • Villa rental Income generation opportunities
  • High speed fibre internet means you can work remotely in the comfort of your own residence.
  • Property appreciation: You are investing in an archipelago that boasts some of the world’s #1 hospitality brands such as The Cotton House, The Mandarin Oriental, The Sandy Lane Yacht Club And Soho House

6. Can I buy more than one lot of land to build my villa?


Yes, you can purchase more than one lot and combine them if you so choose. Arrange a zoom call today with our team discuss the possibilities.

7. How do I pay in bitcoin?


We will agree a pre determined conversion rate of your bitcoin to USD. We will provide you with our wallet details. You send us the agreed bitcoin and we then convert it to USD using our regulated money service brokers. Purchase deposits will be refunded in USD in the event a purchaser is unable to gain a land holding license.

8. What else can I pay for with bitcoin?

You can settle all bills incurred within the development with bitcoin.

9. Are other forms of payment accepted?

Yes, we accept all major currencies however our villas are priced in United States Dollars.

Getting to bequia

10. How do I get to One Bequia?

Bequia is one of 32 Islands in the archipelago of St. Vincent And The Grenadines. There are direct flights to Miami, New York, Miami and the UK from the mainland of St. Vincent.


(Getting to Bequia Infographic here)

11. Life at One Bequia

What amenities will One Bequia have?

  • Bazodee Restaurant & Bar
  • Cafe Soleil Poolside delicatessen
  • Smiles Premium Grocer
  • Caribbean Lifestyles Boutique
  • The Chelsie Art Gallery
  • The Private Cliff Cinema
  • Games Room Including dedicated Bar, Pool Tables, Air Hockey Tables, Pinball machines, Arcade Games and much more
  • Cliff Bowling Alley
  • Cliff Pool
  • Cliff GYM
  • Cliff Spa

We offer the following activities on request: 

  • Trail Hiking
  • Cultural and environmental tours
  • Kite Surfing
  • Kayaking Tours
  • Catamaran Sailing Day Trips

Island Hopping: Power boat day trips to the Grenadine Islands of your choice.

11. Is One Bequia children friendly?

Yes, One Bequia welcomes families of all ages. The only rules are that children must be accompanied at all times and are not allowed in areas that serve alcohol (except Bazodee Restaurant).


We will be hosting regular activities that the entire family can enjoy.



Yes.  Many of the leading global tour operators have made a sales and marketing commitment to ‘One Bequia’ and are excited to have this new product entering the marketplace.


11. What annual maintenance fees are forecasted?

2 Bedroom – US $9600

3 Bedroom- US $14400

4 bedroom- US $19200

5 Bedrooms- US $24,000

11. What potential rental income can I expect?

We conservatively anticipate One Bequia Villas will rent on average for US $300-$500 per bedroom per night during the low and high seasons. This average can be much higher during the high season. According to government statistics, hotels and guesthouses achieve at least 40% occupancy in St. Vincent And The Grenadines. These figures are estimated rental revenues based on 40% occupancy after subtracting maintenance fees, cleaning fees, booking commission fees as well as management fees. These fees amount to roughly 50% of the total gross revenue. A portion of these fees are reinvested into the community to maintain and expand infrastructure, amenities, utilities, security etc.


 These figures are estimates based on current trends and not a revenue guarantee. Actual revenue may be higher or lower than stated in the estimates below.


 Rental Revenue after fees based on average estimated nightly rates of US $300 per bedroom during the low season:









2 Bedroom Villa

US 42,000

US $55,000

US $65,000

US $75,500

US $85,000

US $96,000

3 Bedroom Villa

US $63,000

US $81,500

US $97,500

US $113,000

US $129,000

US $144,500

4 bedroom Villa

US $84,000

US $109,000

US $130,000

US $151,000

US $172,000

US $193,000

5 Bedroom Villa

US $105,000

US $145,500

US $162,750

US $189,000

US $215,250

US $241,500

Rental Revenue after Fees based on average estimated nightly rate of US $500 Per Bedroom during the high season.









2 Bedroom Villa

US $70,000

US $90,000

US $108,500

US $126,000

US $143,500

US $164,500

3 Bedroom Villa

US $105,000

US $136,500

US $162,000

US $189,000

US $215,250

US $246,000

4 Bedroom Villa

US $140,000

US $182,000

US $217,000

US $252,00

US $287,000

US $329,000

5 Bedroom Villa

US $175,000

US $227,000

US $270,000

US $315,000

US $358,750

US $411,250


The One & Only Luxury Residential Community in Bequia

Bequia living is the secret to a sweet life